2017 Resolutions:

Time Management: I’d like to wake up earlier and to spend less time on hobbies that are not time-sensitive and/or are subject to diminishing returns (say, Michigan football recruiting updates, or playing Starcraft). I’d like to read more, listen to more audiobooks, spend less time on Twitter, and figure out a good system for saving and reading articles instead of getting pulled out of a flow.

Mindfulness: The times in my life when I felt most powerful, in control, and aware, were the periods when I was also most mindful. I know that it’s a lifelong process and not just a matter of meditating, but that’s where I’m going to start. I’ll probably use the Headspace app to train, practice, track.

Fitness: My fitness goals this year revolve around strength, flexibility, core integrity / back health, and distance running.

Diet: A few specific items I’d like to address:

Side Projects: I want to publish at least one side project each quarter. Ideally each project will teach me something new. I know that I’d like to have some practice in SEO, setting up a database-backed site, create some Javascript-based projects/scripts, and doing something that generates some press attention (sort of like SwapAVote if I put more emphasis on getting coverage).