LA (Pasadena) native now living in NYC. Polytechnic School ‘08, and Wesleyan ‘12. English major, and intramural basketball (B League) two-time champion. Rugby player: lock turned center.

I like playing basketball (usually via IndoorHoops), chess (usually via ChessCube), and occasionally cooking things in the crockpot.


I started buying domain names in middle school, mostly buying/selling to other re-sellers: tulips on tulips. Eventually smartened up (slightly) and began focusing on acquiring premium names to sell to end-users.

“Inherited” CollegeACB in early 2009, when it was active at a few schools. Expanded the site to 500+ schools serving ~20M monthly pageviews. Sold the site in 2011.

Worked as a “TAP Intern” at Capital Group in the Summer of 2011. I was part of the compliance group, and developed a set of best-practices for recording various reporting processes and requirements. It was challengingly dry, but a good experience. As it helped lead me to…

Hatch Labs, where I was an “associate” and jack of all trades. I worked on Cash Island Games, Kartel, and was something like Tinder User #9. Unfortunately, the company was unable to secure another round of fundrasising, and we closed at the end of 2012.

At that point, I started Texts.com, a free student textbook exchange and price-comparison engine. My partner, Ben Halpern, and I continue to fight the good fight.