Things I Like

Tools / Sites

Boomerang - return messages to your inbox, set reminders/notes, etc. Super valuable tool for staying organized / maintaining e-mail sanity.

lichess - a great, free, live chess website/platform.

Warfish - free, online risk. Have played ~1,000 games with 6 friends in the years since graduation.

Web Content

High Maintenance - High-quality, quirky, human, and hilarious web series produced by a stellar husband/wife team in BK. Benefitting from a Vimeo investment, and excited to see this series mature.

Foodwishes - Chef John breaks it down. Easy to follow recipes that teach you how to cook. Quietly hilarious.

Veritasium - Educational content describing interesting things in plain english. Easy to follow and enjoyable.

CGP Grey - A smart guy breaking down interesting topics in a fast-spoken format.